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Outside of Google, Facebook, and a few others, the rest of the market, which includes thousands and thousands of independent news publishers, will shrink by 11 percent. But Google and Facebook don’t only have dominant positions in search and social networking. They make almost all their revenues selling advertising (Google, 86 percent; Facebook, 99 percent), and they have crushed the competition along the way, becoming a veritable duopoly in another critical market—the digital advertising market. With the companies’ revenues a function of sucking up more and more of users’ time, their game becomes one of addiction.

In that light, it’s likely that the productivity slump over the last decade is not so much due to a lack of transformative innovations, but more about a lack of innovation diffusion between firms and industries. Stay updated on how some of the world’s most promising markets are being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and what actions governments and private businesses are taking to mitigate challenges and ensure their long-term growth story continues. Choose from the options below to purchase print or digital editions of our Reports. You can also purchase a web site subscription giving you unlimited access to all of our Reports online for 12 months. Having only opened its mobile telephony segment to foreign investment in 2013, Myanmar is currently catching up in terms of developing its infrastructure, making great strides in recent years. Myanmar demonstrates very well the difficulty of extending fixed-line infrastructure to remote areas in challenging terrain, underlining the continued importance of mobile internet connectivity.

For instance, say Michael visits CNBC’s website in the mornings and reads about the particular markets, but visits The particular New York Times within the evenings and just reads the book evaluation section. CNBCknows Michael will be someone who follows the particular markets, and might profit from his view at the $30 CPM. The Occasions knows that Michael will be someone who likes in order to read books so may only monetize Michael in a $10 CPM. In case the Timescan somehow discover that Michael is reading through CNBC in the mornings, when Michael visits the particular Times book section within the evening, the Occasions can target him while somebody who follows the marketplaces and monetize him in $30, too. Now, businesses can combine Michael’s identification with other commercially available datasets in real time.

This may be why, at the World Economic Forum at Davos last year, George Soros branded them as a “menace” to society, and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff called on countries to regulate them like they do the tobacco companies. Moreover, a look back at previous eras of innovation reveals that there has been a significant delay between the inception of new technologies and their diffusion through the economy.

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With regard to example, they may stitch Michael’s identity using the fact that will he makes $1 million-plus per year, which indicates that they could match Jordan with an ad with regard to a private jet support instead of a Bud Lite. The private aircraft ad might sell in a $200 CPM as opposed to the $2 CPM beer ad targeted to an anonymous user. When you go to a website and load a page, in the milliseconds that it takes for that page to load, there are real-time auctions running in the background that determine which ads to load on your page. Almost all online ads are delivered in this way, where highly complex auction markets make their money by competing on who can better track users and invade their privacy more thoroughly. The online ad market as a whole is growing (expected year-over-year growth of 20 percent), but growth is not a market trend.

The country also demonstrates the key role new entrants can play in improving the service on offer and driving down prices through market competition. This was highlighted by the arrival of Mytel in 2018, backed by Vietnam’s Viettel Group, as the fourth player to enter the local telecoms arena, aiming to capture market share by offering bundled internet services. In January 2019, within eight months of operating in Myanmar, Mytel had already achieved 8% market share, and was exploring options to offer mobile money services to its clients there in the future.

That’s especially true for far-reaching technological innovations, also called general-purpose technologies, such as the steam engine, electricity and the computer. It is difficult to predict when the next productivity boom will occur, but it could take a while yet — it took as long as 30 years with previous GPTs — before it’s in sight. In 1987, Robert Solow, the Nobel Prize winning economist, famously joked that “you can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics. ” At the time, annual labor productivity growth had slowed sharply to around 0. 5% despite major advances in IT. The solution to the Solow paradox came in the following decade when labor productivity surged back above 2% as more and more firms leveraged IT advances to fundamentally change the way they operate.